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Subject: Pre- existing conditions
  We got our PR and moving permanently to AB soon. My wife is 4 month pregnant and hope to have the baby in Canada. I know Canada has a different health care system than US.

But does the pre-exiting conditions (expecting a baby) matter when we apply for our health insurance in AB or in Canada(overall). If it matters then we could have the baby here bec I have insurance in US. The letter for PPR even says if you can go to Canada before the baby is born you should do so. But what about insurance? I just don´t want to take the risk of going there and them saying no. I know if it is US that I am going they will definitely reject the application for any insurance under pre exsiting conditions.

Can anyone who has experience advice us on this?

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welcome to universal healthcare. pre-existing conditions do not disqualify you from full coverage.
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SICKO pre-existing conditions LOL

You got an existing condition so be happy that your child will be born Canadian. In Alberta there is no three month residency issue and in any province the second your child takes its first breath all of his/her needs are covered.

I loved that documentary SICKO and how the US Insurance companies refused treatment due to what they called a pre-existing condition!


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If I may give an unsolicited suggestion (and please donít flame me), have you considered having the baby in the US, so that he/she will get US citizenship and then move to Canada where eventually you all will receive Canadian citizenship? Just a pragmatic (and not patriotic) view point.


Ray Masa
Cancer survivor (in reply to: Pre- existing conditions)
I have been a breast cancer survivor for 3 years (cancer-free. Is this considered a "pre-existing" condition, even though I no longer have cancer? Do I EVEN stand a chance of
obtaining permanant residency?

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I am trying to get my paper work done for moving to canada and getting my citizenship , I have a few health problems
Asthma and ovarian cyst. will these make it so they wont process my paper work and reject my citizenship?

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