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Subject: Sponsoring Wife

My gf is from Hong Kong and she is coming to Canada in August. We are planning to get married at the end of this year in Canada. But she can only stay for 6 months with her visitor visa.

My question is how do i go about sponsoring my wife after marriage. I tried my best to search for my answers but there are soooo many different forms and guides. I am just a bit lost. Can someone please help and show me to the right direction.

Thank you so much.

btw, I´m a Canadian citizen.

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Submit an outside of Canada application and in theory you can play house while her application is approved through Hong Kong.

See processing times.


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But we want to get married in Canada, and have her stayed in Canada after marriage. should i still submit the outside of Canada application?
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Submit outland even if she is planning to stay in Canada after you get married. It´s usually much faster, the only downside being if she getes called for an interview then she would have to fly home etc. If not and it goes straight through, then you would have to leave canada and re enter at a border crossing for landing.
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it is much faster to apply from outside of canada, after it is approved she will have to leave the country and reenter to land.
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Thank you so much for your replies!

But are we allowed to apply from outside of canada even though she is staying in Canada after we are married? will she get in trouble? and what happens if it takes longer than 6 months? She can only stay for 6 months using the visitor visa.

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make sure she still has an address back home. That is critical. She is in Canada on a holiday. If you take more than 6 months you can apply for an extension to the TV or she can go home to wait out the final weeks of the application.
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