immediate advise required!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Subject: immediate advise required!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  I applied for PR in Canada in July 2002 at the CHC, New Delhi . In Feb 2008 I was asked to update my file which i did. However earlier(in DEC 2007) my elder son went to US for his masters. In May 2008 I received medical papers and PCC was asked by the CHC. I called my son back from USA got the PCC and Medical exam done. My son could stay here and wait for the passport request because his semester was finished and holidays were going on. Now I have recieved the Passport Request but they have demanded the following things:-
1) PCC of my son done from US
2) FBI fingerprints of my elder son
and have given me a time period of two months for this.
I have immediately sent my son bact to US for all this stuff.
Now the problem is
1)FBI clearance takes 16-18 weeks while I have at most 8.
2)Even if he sends all these documents within the time period, we can´t take a risk by calling him back here because by that time his semester would have started in US and his passport can´t be sent via mail or any courier service.
3) Even if he comes and submits his passport along with whole of my family, then we are not sure how much time will they take to issue the visas. What if they take more than 6 months and say no because of some reason or the other and by that time my son´s US visa will also get cancelled and his career???????????????????????

Please reply with any useful advise immediately.

Thank You

L.S Kahlon
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If you right "Required for Immigration Purposes. Request response by " on the front of the envelope to the FBI, they tend to process that quicker.


Ray Masa
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If only I could spell....its suppose to be write, not right.


Ray Masa
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i got mine in india after a month and if you minus postage time then i think in 10 days :) i had written urgent date on the envelope. goodluck
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Thank you very much
L.S Kahlon
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Don´t panic...just stay calmed and organized...
I requested my FBI report and it didn´t take longer that 3 weeks to get it back...
If it comes to that... you can request for extra time by explaining the situation to CIC in a letter...
We also had to go thru a very difficult time to get a police report from my husbands native country... this has delayed our file... but at least CIC didn´t close it and waited for us to get that last police report done...
So be calmed... and hope that everything is going to be okay... you have waited so long... my God... I wish you the very best!

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