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Subject: ANY. advice!
  hello so i am a canadian citizen applying for my hubby from lebanon
here is our timeline
-married in dec.2006 in lebanon
- applied in august 2007
-case opened dec 17th 2007
-interview march 18
Recieved a letter stating we will still need additional information
ie- rental agreement, proof of funds, job for me and my husband!!
So i have moved back to calgary alone and have got the rental agreement, proof of funds and the job offer for my husband, and now have just got a job. They have recieved all his medical info and all other information.. my husbands has already been sent. All of our forms have been sent. They said they would then process our case after the 60 days, or we would hear from them after the 60 days. Its now been months after and nothing.......... they said he has been selected in the interview! Can anyone give me a normal time line after this last information is sent, when he will be getting his visa! I miss my husband, and dont want to wait years for him to be here with me! please any information would help!

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No one has any advice for me
i have a normal case........ please anyone!

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It´s hard for anyone here to give you time line advice on when your husband will have his interview. First, it´s up to them, not us here. If we tried, it might be inaccurate information. Second, application processing has been disrupted due to new immigration rules and guideline changed. So there is no normal time line now.

What you could do is email the immigration office where you applied for your husband (sponsored), and see if they can give you a time line estimate.

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Hey,thank you so much for your advice! But do you usually go through two interviews, he has already had his first interview! will he go through another one!
SO seriously no one knows how long it will take, for all i know it can take 2 years?

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I´ve occasionally seen applicants here mention 2nd interviews. It´s usually about something immigration missed, follow-up over delayed information, if some time has passed without a decision for whatever reason, or they´re simply not sure about something and want to talk to him again.

I wouldn´t be so worried, as a 2nd interview implies he´s qualified, but just some detail needs additional attention. You just have to go with the flow and the way they do things, and relax.

Others here may have an opinion or may want to comment.

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Thanks Richard!
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