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Subject: New Skilled Worker Applications
  We have discussed this on earlier threads but there is no way on this forum to create a sticky. several of you are asking the same questions, so I will try and repeat what we know.

Roy and I both agree on the following:

If you are contemplating applying for Canadian immgration under the Skilled Worker Class... and you do not have arranged employment - WAIT.

there are new rules coming that will affect your file and your eligibility. All SW applications since February 28 are on hold waiting for the outcome of meetings between CIC, the provinces and industry. They are trying to determine which NOC codes should be given priority.

The old rules said every application had to be looked at regardless of NOC code. That is one reason the wait is so long. The new rules say, CIC can pick and choose which applications to process. In some cases, we are understanding that if your skill is not in demand, they will invite you to leave the application in the system for a later chance of selection or return it with a refund.

WE DO NOT KNOW HOW THIS WILL ALL WORK, so please do not ask for details.

All we know is that older applications are still being processed.

If you are contemplating Canada:

1) consider a work permit so you can test the country and get a chance at some Canadian experience.
2) actively find a job offer tied to the Provincial Nominee Program. These applications are still being considered regardless of date submitted.
3) DO NOT pay someone to find you a job. Legitimate recruiters are paid by the employer. There are lots of good employment websites out there. Make sure your CV/resume is Canadian market appropriate. Read about the best ways to look for employment in Canada. This is not an easy challenge but currently, it is the best way to obtain your Canadian immgration.
4) do not assume that Toronto is the best place to find work. Ontario is feeling the same economic crunch that the US is experiencing. Look at other markets.

Hope this helps. When we get more news, we will post it.

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4) do not assume that Toronto is the best place to find work. Ontario is feeling the same economic crunch that the US is experiencing. Look at other markets.

Thank you for mentioning number 4... I thought Ontario will be best for us since I checked the demands for my profession and mostly in Ontario... but it could also be deceiving...Anyway, thanks alot, I will continue to check other markets....

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Sometimes the media and western people view the manufacturing base of Ontario in dire straits. The auto industry is not everything in Ontario. The auto industry everywhere has got problems just like they did in the 70´s when oil was really high and some car´s were huge in todays terms.

GM came out with an electric car more then a decade ago which would blow off the doors of most compact cars today. Google the Movie "Who killed the electric car".

Unlike the States Ontario house prices have not dropped through even the first floor in Ontario let alone the basement.

Normal speed limits on the way to the office is still 130 - 140 in a 100 k zone.

With the high price of Oil the Canadian dollar should be at $1.25 US but someone must not believe in things west of Ontario.

In Ontario (GTA) it is impossible to find one construction company without a foreign worker employed with a LMO. This includes most major banks and financial institutions as well.

Maybe due to the distance Sharon can not see with the same eyes as mine but business is good and GM and Ford are not the only car manufacturers in Ontario. Yes recently a plastics company went under due mostly to bad management and not a slump in sales.

For those that do not know, one thing that most Canadians can agree on is Toronto/Ontario bashing or at least talking negative about the centre of power in Canada. LOL

Sharon is right hang in there until the actual changes are announced before submitting a FSW.


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I don´t see #4 as Ontario bashing, but as a reminder for immigrants that there´s a whole country out there outside the GTA to check out. During our 2 year job search, we found plenty of jobs listed in Ontario (mainly GTA) but it was very difficult to break into the market. From an employer´s standpoint, it makes sense: why hire from outside the country or area, or to someone without proven local experience, when you have plenty of homegrown talent waiting on your doorstep?

We found more opportunity job searching in lesser populated areas. With so much demand for various talent country wide, why shun the Maritimes or the Prairies or the smaller cities in favor of one or two that are busting at the seams?

Engineers and tradespeople will find plenty of good work in New Brunswick, for example, so why limit yourself to Calgary or Toronto? Sharon always lets us know that BC is screaming for talent, Saskatchewan is booming, the Maritimes are finally getting their turn in the spotlight.

Breaking in to the Canadian market is not easy, but it is worth the effort.

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Rather than blaming Sharon, Angel or anyone it would be worthy to read the following recent articles about economy, ON in particular. I know for many these news aren´t anything to care about. Though for the new comers the picture may be totally different.

About BC sometimes I get contradictory reports liek the below one. Not sure what to think really.

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Roy, I am only repeating the news - not my own opinion. BC´s forest industry is in the tank and it is killing small towns throughout the province but the economy overall is booming - for now.

Autosector is not the only thing putting pressure on our local economies.

Don´t be so sensitive!!!!

PS...9 days in a row without rain at my house.

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Guys pls calm down....we are here to share information and help each other...

As for me, as a future canadian immigrant, it is my responsibility to search which part of Canada would be suitable for my family before I make the decision. So any information, advice or news that will help me decide where to stay , may it positive or negative will be helpful. And I believe it is also the same with the other forum members.


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we are calm Angel. Roy and I play east vs. west on a weekly basis. no fights here.
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Which part of Canada would be suitable for your family?

What is your background and is the weather a factor to make a final decision?

Every Canadian province has its own "thing" but backgorund work experience and weather adaptability always is important at the end of the day.



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I´m an Electronics and Communications Engineer with 10years experience as Sales-Systems Eng., Sales and Project Manager and now as Product Manager.

My husband is a Radiologic Technologist (but no work experience in his field). But hopefully he plans to get training inorder for him be updated and work in his field.

I thought Ontario will be good for us because I´ve check some job banks and most of the work demand for my profession is in Ontario area. Plus the fact that I have a cousin there and been there and I like the place. Also, I´ve read that Ontario has the largest number of hospitals and healthcare facilities that might be also a good market for my husband.

Weather doesn´t bother me much as I´ve stayed in Europe during the winter alot of times.

But still I am open for other markets like Alberta, as I still have plenty of time before making the final decision.

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By the way, Bill, any recommendations?