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Subject: Original Documents Submitted
  I need ur help actually i´ve applied since 2001 from Islamabad as Skilled Worker. Afterthat embassy have asked my original documents and bank statement whcih i´ve submitted. I want to know that some people telling me that ur interview is waived becuase original documents and bank statement are asking at the time of interview. So plz if u would like 2 comments on it will be highly appreciated.
Syed Amir Ali
(in reply to: Original Documents Submitted)
Your case is same like me.
I´m going to submit my original documents and Bank statement next week. I don´t think it exactly means aa examption of interview. Our Interview may get waived but its not sure.

Just Checkin... (in reply to: Original Documents Submitted)
Guys have you got a response from the Canadian Embassy or is your case still pending after sending the org. documents?
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