Expereince of 2nd visit after landing from US

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Subject: Expereince of 2nd visit after landing from US
  Thanks to excellent advice from DC in this forum. The trip was trouble free even though a bit of anxiety remianed with me till I had walked through US immigration in Toronto airport.

1. On way to Canada - the PR card was checked at ticket counter and boarding gate.
At canada immigration simple questions were asked and took me 3 minutes for whole process

2. On way to US - since I´m on H1 - US immigration asked questions about why recent H1 visa was not stamped on passport ( told them I have not gone to India after the visa renewal)
What was I doing in Canada (visiting), how long was I in Canada ( 2 days) and after index fingerprinting - a new I-94 was attached to the passport - without tearing it from my visa approval paper (I-797)

So as DC had said no need to surrender the I-94.
Hope this helps someone planning a visit to Canada

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Good to know.

Surrendering the I-94 for a short visit sometimes takes extra time for the US immigration to check out.

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