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Subject: Visited Toronto and I'm a bit concerned - Jobs
  So here I am a veteran of 20 yrs. in Business development but I have an observation that gets me worried.
I was in Toronto last week and having heard from many people including forums like these - my understanding was that Toronto was the metropolis at par with New York and LA but my impression after the visit is that it seems a second cousin of US in terms of everything.

Am I completely off target here!

Maybe I didn´t go to right places in downtown! Maybe the job market is as good as or better than New York! Maybe because Canada has more land, everything is spread out and buildings instead of being high rises are flatter!

As someone who´s serious about moving to Canada in next six months - I´m getting a little concerned here.

Pls. tell me that high rate of the Canadian$ as compared to US$ is no illusion.

Tell me everything good about Canada and make me a believer.

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Toronto will never be LA or New York.

not sure what you are expecting - lateral move? no adjustment time? streets paved with gold?

Perhaps you might be better off sticking with a sure thing

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I also got very similar feeling like you some years back when I moved from US, though I didn´t visit NY city or LA at all. I visited Toronto for sometimes before moving finally but didn´t get the taste for living permanantly there.

Only thing that I can assure you to try in the western Canada. At least the job marker there (particularly in Alberta) is far better than Toronto.

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I spent a week and half in toronto and what I saw bewildered me! Nice downtown and lots of variety when it comes to food. I used to be a field officer (now I am a tech officer) for UNESCO in Africa and enjoyed the African cuisine immensely. In toronto there are many East African restaurants that dished out truly authentic African cuisine and I was hooked. I spent several lunch and dinner hours in Afro restaurants and met a very cute African girl (her fambily immigrated). There is plenty of gold in toronto (after 911 the Canadians moved their gold from WTC basement to Toronto; and it was close to 50 tons) but it is all hidden away. I wish it laid on the sidewalks so I could pick a couple of bars. LOL

Am I going to make you a believer? Nope. You can move to Toronto if ya like, and not move if ya don´t like. Whether toronto is first rate or what rate compared to NYC is immeterial. Toronto has its own character. Your experience is only as good as you can use it to convince someone to give you a job or better to give you business. Who am I or anyone else to convince you about anything. You just may have to grow up. Your attitude suggests that you are most likely an East Indian. EIs are famous for self-loathing. Their self-loathing coupled with an insatiable greed is what pulls them out of India even when they are doing very well at home.

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haha! you guys are funny!
Though Sharon, you sound very uptight! what´s with that!
Did I say I was looking for gold! I said I want a realistic view of the situation from someone who´s felt the same pangs and has either found it to be true/false or a shade in between.
Greedy - yes I´m greedy if looking for suitable work is greedy.
East Indian - let me guess, only East Indians want good life and you don´t! Just to help you - no I´m not east Indian.
Self-loathing - if self preservation is self -loathing then yes.
I don´t take your comments with any malice - just that these seem off the cuff and not incisive BUT they are helpful and welcome. So thanks

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I also visited Toronto recently (last week), and I was impressed. And I´m from Chicago, which is twice the size.

I tend to agree with Helper and Sharon, above. If you´re looking for a huge megalopis like New York or LA, Canada is not for you. Everything in Canada is on a smaller scale (except its land size), which in my opinion puts it on a more human scale and context. As a result, people are friendlier, crime much lower, and human interaction much less anonymous as you´d find in New York.

My guess is based on your brief visual tour of Toronto, it was not possible to gauge the job situation. But if you you´re looking for the intensity of millions of people trampling each other on public transit and the highways every day like New York/LA/Chicago, better stick with those cities.

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nope, not uptight. just annoyed.

Business development-country of experience is going to dramatically affect how valuable that skill will be in the Canadian marketplace.

Whoever told you that Toronto was on a par with LA and New York was either delusional or stupid.

here is the reason for my annoyance - you are complaining before you even arrive.

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Vancouver is no Toronto
Chris Breikss
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and I am very grateful for that fact. so are 1.5 million other people.
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I´ve been to Toronto a couple of years ago and I so love every bit of it. Though I´ve never seen LA or New York, but who cares? and why compare?

Like what the other people said, Toronto will be Toronto and will never be LA or NY. So if you don´t like what you saw, then go to LA/NY....

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Perhaps you need to evaluate what you are looking for. Toronto is one of my favorite cities in the world to visit--one notch above NYC--but I wouldn´t want to live there. And LA? No thank you, not my style at all. All three very different, thank goodness, and not at all comparable.

I think it´s a common mistake that newcomers to this part of the world make, to think that Canada should automatically be compared with the US. Do immigrants to Europe try to compare the various countries in the same way? Hmmmm, should it be Switzerland or Spain?

It is good that you were able to visit Toronto, which clearly you´d heard much about. Whether or not you liked what you saw enough to uproot your life is up to you. But, Toronto is not the epitome of Canada, so if you can, explore other areas as well. Perhaps the West Coast will suit you, perhaps somewhere else, perhaps nowhere at all.

Whatever you hear about the US should not be reflected in what you think about Canada. It sounds like you have much research and soul searching to do before making your next move.