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I have a skilled worker application pending. I received the AOR on August, 2007. I would like to apply for the CAIPS to see my points. My wife is Canadian and currently she lives in Canada. Can she apply for me for the CAIPS from Canada to cut the time.

I am planning to do that to see if there is a need to switch to a sponsorship application through my wife in case I am not eligible for the skilled worker.

I just want to make things clear this is not an arranged marriage, but the reason we are not together is that I am finishing my PhD in the states and she is working in Canada and we try to meet biweekly either in the states or in Canada.

Your help is really apprecitated.


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Hi KO...

Yes, your wife can get you your CAIPS actually in your case it will be the best way to do it since she is in Canada at the moment... I think it might take about 4 to 5 weeks to get them though...

I will go and search for a post I saw somewhere and will give you the link with all the info you need ...

I´ll be back :O)

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Here it is... but... note that this post is dated back in 2006... please check and make sure the mailing address is the same... they have a phone number (Ontario) so you could have your wife call and make sure... good luck!

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Thanks Lily for your help. Do you know what is the ATIP number? The other thing can I fax the authority to release personal information form (IMM5475E) to my wife or do I have to mail it since it has my signature.


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