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The first thing is to find out what are the requirements for you to obtain a P.Eng denomination in the province where you are going to settle in.

I am an Electronic Engineer with a major in Telecommunications and this is an industry that is HUGE in most provinces. I am semi-retired now, I live in Kelowna but I spend most of my time consulting and taking care of some final paper work in Northern Alberta.

You can take a look at and even though you may not find the job that you are looking for, it sure will give you an idea about what and where are the companies related to our field.

Do a search on brands you are familiar with, find their dealers and send your resume to them even if they are not hiring.

CEOs, General Managers, etc usually pay more attention to those unexpected resumes than when they receive a huge pile of CV´s every day after putting and add in a job bank.



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Wow! Thank you very much for a very good advice, really appreciate it! Can I send my resume to you? kidding! ;)

I already checked the requirements to be a PE, first is to get a membership then take an examination when I arrive Canada. But I intend to get the membership when I finally get my PR. But if i can find a job sooner why not. It is ok for me to start in the entry-level at first , those that do not require license or certification. Will surely do what you said, I will try my luck!

Thank you very much!

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That was me! forgot to put my name! thanks again!
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