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As I know passport size photos is not same Immigration photos as per Canada Immigration requirement.It is very hard to get Canada immigration specification photos in USA.Does any one know any better place to get this done?

What if my photos get rejected, Do they send application back or Do they ask to take photos again?

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I just went to Motophoto (check to see if you have them in your city). If not, go to a place that "normally" does US Immigration photos and bring the guidelines with you.

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You have to go to a professional photoshop for the best result with the specification page. They should be able to help you. Don´t go to CVS or Walgreen passport photo.

Another option, there is a good website that you can use for resizing. If you have any digitized photo (of course has to be best quality) then you can make your PP size photos for any country. Then you just have to print the photos from any store.

I can´t tell it´s effectiveness in Canadian immigration, though I know many people in the US used this with success.

In the country drop down chose Canada, then Visa. It works like magic.

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Forgot to tell, don´t be panic if your photos aren´t OK. They won´t return your entire application. They´ll just ask you to re-send the pictures killing some extra time.
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I live in USA. I sent the immigration photos exactly according to the size and other dimension requirements, but in digital format. Will the digital ones work? because in the letter it was written the photos should not be digital. does that really matters and will they know the difference?


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It depends which office. Some say no digital, others digital is fine. As far as sizing in the U.S., just cut pictures to size yourself carefully with ruler, scissors or paper cutter. Just be sure to keep within head size propotions as described in the instructions.
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