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  HELLO, I HAVE WROTE ON THIS WEB FORUM MANY TIMES, TO GET ADVICE AND HELP! i FEEL NO ONE CAN REALLY HELP ME ON ANY INFORMATION. Like i am a married women, my husband is lebanese and we are waiting 3 months to hear a yes or no answer! Our case has been opened from december 2007, i have moved back to canada to get "stability" as they asked and am now finding myself overwhelmed with having a house alone and no word from immigration about anything... not even when my husband will come! He has had his interview, we have given them everything they want! Now they cant tell us how long we will wait for us to be together! they are making me feel like im a dog, and i dont mean sh^&! I want to be with my husband so badly! Can they seriously do this to everyone!!!!Cause im about at the end of my patience with my own country! WHY do they make being with your husband so difficult! im going crazy here! PLEASE, IF ANY ONE HAS a comment let me know!!!
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I understand how much you love your husband.
Unforyunately if somebody marries a canadian or american and wants to move to those countries legally the wait is long, I have a frien who?s bolivian and married an american girl last year, so far he is still living in Bolivia waiting for his visa, he still has to wait, but don?t be so sad, things will be better, I am no canadian and my waiting for PR visa will take about 2 years (11 months already, 13 left) cheer up!

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Get an internet connection on both ends and chat away the whole day! Why are you so desperate? You know that anything related to Govt business takes time... lots of it. I hope your frustration is not merely sexual. Also get him and yourself a web cam so your chat can be supplemented with visuals. How did you meet this Romeo?
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i appreciate both of your comments! Anytype of advice helps at this point. I just never thought it would be so difficult for us to be together! We have been married two years almost, its just hard to be away from the person you are in love with! We both have net and chat everyday! I would have to correct you though, if you have ever been in love you obviously married them to be with them! Not to be apart. My desperation is to be with my husband, i dont think anyone who isnt desperate to be with the one they love should be together. I have read information about the new regulations on cases starting from feb.28/08 will be processed differently then the ones recently submitted! Is anyone else confused by exactly what is going on? We met in Egypt!
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I can say this because I am living it - Canadians who fall in love with foreigners need to do so with their eyes wide open. CIC does not give a rats a$$ that you love each other. He is someone looking to gain entry to Canada through the advocacy of a Canadian - its called sponsorship. at least 15% of all applications are fraudulent. When the applicant comes from a 3rd world economy, the odds are even higher. sorry sweetheart, facts are facts. You would not be the first to be used.

Skilled workers are waiting 3-10 years to get in to Canada so many here might feel sorry for you but the sympathy will have limits. This man of yours does not need to qualify for anything to get that magic little PR- he just needs to say he loves his girl and presto.

Any long distance relationship is tough. You should have figured that out before you started. Buy a plane ticket and go visit your husband.

The new Feb 28th regs have no real impact on sponsorship applications.


well said sharon.

i like your way of thinking.

these lines are very true:

"You would not be the first to be used"

"This man of yours does not need to qualify for anything to get that magic little PR- he just needs to say he loves his girl and presto."

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thank you tanya and sharon for sounding like total idiots, in regards to my husband! Who ever said anything about being used, in my email. We have been married 2 years and he has never even asked to come to Canada. I take high offense that you guys used that phrase " he just needs to say he loves his girl and presto" and even higher offense that you assume my husband is using me to get into Canada! And Tanya i do realize that he doesnt need anything to get his pr card. are u a bitter person or something! or against people from a third world country! Also Sharon i am a travel agent and am quite aware that i can go and visit my husband! You both didnt give me any help what so ever! Thank you for the sarcasim, and giving me the oppurtunity to defer people to your web page! We have been married over two years, and are going through this process longer then three months !!!!! tanya, kil khara ya sharmuta!
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you asked for comments. When you yell in CAPS and play the victim, when you really don´t have all that much to complain about, you open yourself up to comments that may not necessarily suit you.

Hundreds of women are raising children on their own, are waiting for hearings after being denied. Hundreds are paying lawyers they can´t afford, and lots of them don´t have the resources to go and spend time with their partners. Family class sponsorship is not easy- for anyone.

I am sure that is small comfort to you but Canada is doing what its citizens ask them to do - protect the interest of the many at the expense of a few. I am sure you will get some sort of answer soon.

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It feels better to talk about our spouses we are sponsoring, it make us feel better despite the wait...

I am sponsoring my lebanese wife but I sent the applications 1 month ago...

I am born in Leb but a Canadian citizen since 18 years now and I hope the process won´t be long

My brother did the same, in 2005 and got his wife here in about 4 months max. It was fast in my opinion but i donno if this changes based on political situations, immigration rules or their moods

On the other hand it is true that allot of vigilence is taken by IMM to see if there is no suspicious applications...

And I heard but those are just rhumors, that canadian woman who sponsor husbands is longer than man who sponsor wife... It is not sexist at all but it is maybe related to the fact that men living in 3rd world countries would have more tendencies to make fraudulent weddings to gain PR... Maybe women are less willing to do so considering the societies structure in Lebanon or other similar countries

But again those are rhumors I hear and me too I am anxious to nkow how long the process will take in my case :/

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