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Subject: case refusal
  I am 26 year old boy living in Afghanistan my wife is living in Canada. She wants to sponsor me.
But In year 2001 my nephew sponsor me my father and mother to Canada but our case was rejected by Canadian embassy in Pakistan the reason why the refused our case was that they thought my father who worked as a dictator in ministry of water and power 17 years a go in Afghanistan is a criminal or a war criminal .they also refused my case in 2001 with my (family)father and mother they said your father is a criminal.

But now my wife is sponsoring me will that refusal in 2001 will effect my current (spouse)case I am really worrying about it
I am looking for your kind information please guide me I will be really glad.

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Very few dictators are lauded and allowed into Canada by the Canadian Govt. Most are forbidden. You may luck out since you are not a dictator yourself. LOL. pardon me the word dictator is a funky one. Keep low key about your father and his past it might work out. What you want to do in Canada anyways? Dictators are not very well respected in Canada.
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Dictators are not very well respected in Canada.
the r well respected in Pakistan and afghanistan.

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however, gays and dogs and drug addicts are very well respected...
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