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  Dear Roy and Sharon,
I will explain in detail. I had applied for immigration to Canada through WWICS and i got my file number in july 2005.I had appeared for IELTS test and i scored 7 bands each and submitted the cetificate to CHC,Delhi in jan 2006.
I got married on sept 2007.As you will agree that i have to update the details to CHC.
While going through discussion with friends and relatives they told me that its better for me to land first,settle and then bring family after one or two years.This is the reason behind this step and nothing related with cost.
During the discussion with WWICS they told me to pay the VPF of spouse now itself so that the case will be processed together and i can qualify more points for the process.After interview/waiver my wife can apply for an extension from medicals and other procedures for some more time.And my procedures will be completed by that time i can move to Canada.After some time she can join with me.
Regarding immigration consultants you know better than me.Thats why i do get in touch with you people so that i will get a good advice.Hope now you can undestand the situation.I do agree with Roy that couples should share the ups and downs of life so that bonding will be there.
With Regards

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i agree with WWICS until the point where they say that your cases should be processed together. May as well get it done at once. I haven´t heard of requesting an extension of medicals and background checks. I don´t think you can make such a request. Once you get the PR visa i would recommend landing together and then then your family can go back if you would like to settle first. They can come back later, just make sure they comply with the residency requirements.
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I am with anoymous on this one. sounds like the consultant wants to charge you twice instead of once.
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