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Subject: Experience in different fields
Hi all,

If a person has two years experience in one field and two years in quite different field. How much points one would get for experience?



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Points for an experiences are calucaled based on your qualification-Education and the corresponding NOC, under which you are applying as SW. If you have experince other than your qualification and NOC the points for experience may not be awarded. If you wants to apply under your divesified experienced filed and correspoing NOC, you have to study the NOC and know the minimum qualification required under such NOC and be ready to convince the Visa Officer for the same.
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RAJ_1 I am not sure if what you say is correct... although calculating you work experience points is related to the NOC... read on

Faisal here is my intake on how point are awarded for the Work Experience Factor... this is according to the FSW application instructions:

You calculate your points by simply adding all of the years of full-time work experience you have that:

* Occurred withing the past 10 years

* Is NOT listed as a restricted occupation (go to the link "Will You Qualify?" on CIC website www.cic.gc.ca/skilled to check)

* Occured in occupations listed in Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B of the NOC (see the Will You Qualify? section)

After checking the NOC list and the restricted occupations list, you can use the following chart to calculate your points:

Years of Experience 1 2 3 4+
Points 15 17 19 21

If your work experience does not meet all of the above conditions, you may not count the experience...

I hope this helps!

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The little chart didn´t come out right.. so here it is again:

1 Year of Experience = 15 points

2 Years of Experience = 17 points

3 Years of Experience = 19 points

4+ Years of Experience = 21 points

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Thanks Lily.

My experience as Bookkeeper is under NOC code 1231 while for Procurement Manager it is NOC code 0113. Both of my experiences are listed in NOC code but under different categories. Am i safe to claim experience of more than 4 years?



Faisal Ahmed
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I will say so.. for example here is my work experience (all occupations were listed as skill type 0 or levels A or B I don´t remember right now):

I have a degree in Advertising another in Market Research and another one in Hospitality Management (random!)

I claimed work experience as a Office Assistant (3 Yrs), as a Restaurant Manager (2.5 yrs) and lately as an elementary teacher (4+ yrs - No qualifications) so there!

Do your research and if your occupations follow CIC criteria then just add the number of years of experience to get your points, simple!

Just remember to make sure you actually have prove of your 4 years of work experience to back up your claims, okay?

Good Luck!

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Thank you very much Lily. you are so cooperative.



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