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Subject: if pregnent, ?????
My husband , child and i am moving to Canada as we got PR. We have to land before October. I found that i am pregnant for one month. Though i am not the principal applicant when we move to Canada i will be the one who will be more capable of going for a better occupation or higher study as i am more qualified. But now what will be the situation as i want be able to work for a year. What kind of help that the Canadian government is giving for pregnant during their pregnancy period.I am worried about the situation a lot.
It will help a lot if you can give me information.

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there is no help during maternity leave unless you have been employed for a specific time in Canada before you take time off. I believe it is 8 months. At that point you would be elgible for employment insurance which is a small portion of your wages - not enough to live on.

I am afraid you will not be in a position to have any financial support during your pregnacy or during the first months after the child is born.

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You shoul be working for a year before you can be qualified for maternity benifits. You will be entitled for 50% of your hourly rate or more or less 1400$/month which ever is greater for 52 weeks. but if you did not have enough working hours, you will not be entitled to this benifits.


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It seems it is better to come after the child birth.
Thanks a lot

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We are in a very similar situation, except that we are now in Canada. Sharon is right you have to be employed to get benefits.

If your child is born in Canada it will be Canadian citizen and you spare all other paperwork, if you have to land in October then land before the deadline or else you may be in trouble.

We are currently living on my spouse job, one income, not much but enough to survive.


We are expecting our second child in less than 2 months and I am still actively looking for a job (landed 3 months ago) ... if you get one job you can negotiate the starting date, so NO WORRIES.

I find Canadians more open about this type of issue than Americans. So go ahead and start your new life in Canada!!

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I would say, come to canada and give birth to your child here otherwsie you will have to a lot paper work again to bring your newborn here. You can find a work here as well, although it is not that easy to get a job in your profession but you can try and if not you can always do a survival job which will keep you busy and if you can complete the required hours before the delivery then you can be eligble for EI. So my suggestion is to give birth to child in Canada.
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