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Subject: Medical for non-accompanying child
  Hi. I have a very personal situation to discuss.

Many years ago, I had an affair with another woman and she had a daugther. When I applied for Permanent Resident in Canada, of course I declared this daughter as a non-accompanying dependent. Now, the embassy is wanting her to do medical... but it is not possible since I do not have custody of this girl and my relationship with the mother is not good.

What do you suggest?

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She has to do her Medical; otherwise, CIC will refuse. OR you can write an explanation about the situation..and find out whether CIC approve that. Good luck
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Thank you Tariq? Are you sure? I heard that there is possibility to not do medical but then the dependent is not eligible in the future to be sponsored .
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you will need to show some sort of verification that you have done everything you can to get medicals done and that you are fully aware that this will exclude your daughter from future sponsorship.
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