Application without immigration agent...but....

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Subject: Application without immigration agent...but....
  I do not trust my immigration agent at all....

Has anybody ever launched an application after having hired a law firm and then decided not to include them as their representative?

Are there any consequences to this?

Do you HAVE to mention them?

I read this in the CIC website:

"...If you hire an immigration representative

You must provide your representative?s name and contact information on your application form regardless of whether your representative is paid or not.

If your representative says that this is not necessary, this is false, and you should verify the quality of your representative?s advice...."

I assume they mean that this if you want them to mediate on your behalf...(which I don´t anymore)...or how should I see this?

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Wait for more replies but I think you don´t need to include his/her information if you do not wish to be represented by him/her anymore... but...

What is important to find out is if you are legally bound to a contract with the immigration agent, if you signed such contract and agreed to have him/her represent you, then you might need to fullfil your part of the deal, or you may need to pay some sort of cancelation fee ...

If you signed a contract, read it and see what your options are.... Good Luck!

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I have not read anything in my contract that says something like that...BUT let´s assume it is in there...and then what?

How would they ever know that I sent the application if I don´t include them in the process and don´t inform them that I sent the application to CIC?

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or friend , if you can do it by your self do it.
We did it with a law firm and suffered a lot.
we got it but our friends who applied after us by spending less money and by them selves they got it way before us.
They sucks..... you and your money

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