Hi Guys, Need help from Roy and Sharon ...

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Subject: Hi Guys, Need help from Roy and Sharon ...
  Hi Guys,

Need help from Roy and Sharon

I am really very dissapointing by the way my application process is done.

I think and feel I am the unlackiest guy in the world. It has been more than three years since I applied to Buffalo for PR. I got everything right. I came in Canada for school. People who I knew and have the same or less status than me, got their PR within 14 months. Those who I know are even from my home country and my city.
I am not quite sure what is going on with my application.

I asked them more than 5 times. They always say , still in process.

I thought I got the guy who review my application seem not care as like other. This is my feeling.

What do you think ^ What shall I do ^

I need really help.


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first thing you can do is stop expecting every application to be treated the same. Summer is always slow for SW application - visitor, student and family class are dealt with first and this is also holiday time for CIC staff. That does not account for the 3 years but it sure adds to the delay. You may have also be randomly flagged for a detailed background check. hard to say.

I would order CAIPS notes to see what the hangup might be and if you find something other than timing... try to address it to insure a positive outcome.

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Whoa is me, going to the garden to eat worms, I´m the most unlucky guy in the world, they don´t care about me and my file!

Do you ever listen to your thought processes?

First your already in Canada so you probably have health coverage and a work permit to go along with your student permit.


Think positive and good things will happen, continue focusing on the negative and the crap will keep coming.

I know Sharon said the same thing nicer but your application has not been refused and their probably is a slight problem.

Don´t worry about the things you can´t change and change the things that you can. See there is nothing to worry about.


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