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thank you for humouring me with your answer. I hope you find happiness and success in Canada.
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First time I ever heard of Masters degree in Medicine
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Medicine is already a doctorate degree, how can anyone achieve a Masters Degree in Medicine?

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Egypt has a strange educational system. Once you graduate your medical school, you receive a bachelor degree. Then you do master and PhD studies which are mainly based on doing a thesis. This is an old system of medical education. In all other parts of the worlds, certain years of medical training in a specialty leads to Board certification in that specialty.

This reflects how awkward these countries like egypt are. These countries are very corrupt and living standards are very miserable. People like Tariq escape from this misery to any other place on the earth just to be away from corruptions and lack of system and laws and to be able to make some money to feed himself.!

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hopefully, Tariq does not end up driving taxi
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Sharon, hopefully you are not talking about wrote Tariq..not Tarik...even though correct spelling would be TARIQ
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No, TARIQ... this thread is not about you.

It is a continuation of a previous one posted by TARIK, a guy who wants to divorce after landing...

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As witnessed here Tarik many try to bend the rules a little in their favor. Saving funds on a representative by doing one application instead of two and gaining a few extra points to ensure a speedier process as a couple is not a truly negative issue.

Move on with your life because your not the same person you were when you arrived. Do what you want to do in your heart.
If you get your divorce then run home and re-marry tCIC will probably not even see you in their radar.

Wish you all the best.


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Tarik is asking sharons e-mail address because he wants to share his personal life with her (if she wants to know about it)...very funny......hehehehehe:)

Tarik you are a great guy.....Dont worry man you can divorce her but it would be more expensive for you to divorce her now than in egypt. Ask me how? Because in Egypty you would probably get away with child support etc. here you can i think you were better off in seperating ways in egypt than in Canada. Anyways, if it is a bad marriage, then your will not affect your status as your wife did not sponsor you from Canada but you guys came together as a skilled you can seperate your ways without any worries, it is not going to affect your status....Good luck with your offer to sharon......but let me tell you one thing...sharon is not single....hehehehehehe:)

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Tarik be very careful and don´t go round bragging among your Arab friends how you brought your wife here knowing all along you both were going to divorce once you are here. If things go wrong and your case becomes a legal issue, CIC can review (based on the info) if you intentionally defrauded them while pursuing PR... and retroactively impose punitive measures, such as stripping you of your Canadian PR or citizenship... incarcerating you for your criminal acts in Canada and eventually deport you back to misery land. Since it appears that you and your wife cleverly deceived CIC, I would say divorce quietly and stay away from each other and do not get entangled in criminal or unlawful behavior in future. That way your paltry violation stays uncovered.

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