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Subject: I am back from fishing

Hey U´all

Well, I am finally back from an awesome trip to Kelowna - Salmon arm, shuswap lake and surrounding areas. Lots of turism and there is a lot of industry going on there ...Holy cow!

Construction is nuts, a big need for health care professionals, civil engineers, trade workers, care givers, taxi drivers, turist guides, you name it.

Beautiful area and I LOVE THE PUBS IN SALMON ARM they are the best. On the way back home (Kelowna home) and was driving around Vernon and it is amazing that those cities still a good choice for new landeded immigrants specially with families. Why people still thinking that the only place to live in this country are the major cities?

People don´t know what they don´t know. They might have to put up with the fact that their "Buddy" or uncle lives long ways away but my point is that these places are full opportunities.

May not have the look of downtown, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto etc. But finding a job won´t be a problem and is a good place to introduce your self to the Canadian culture which will be an asset when a person is ready (if ever) to make a move to the big city.

Good place to reserch would be the New Immigrant organizations in those places. I am not going to disclose names but they have a lot to tell and for the most part is very positive and informative.

In the mean time I am already back in the old Fort Mc, where live is busy busy busy busy.

I´m going out for lunch. C-ya.



surrey (in reply to: I am back from fishing)
how about surrey
(in reply to: I am back from fishing)
nothing small about Surrey. It is an extension of Vancouver.
where? (in reply to: I am back from fishing)
Your a man in the know aint ya bill!

right put yourself in my situation, im a 24 yearold single man living in cornwall england. As you may know england as a country has gone to the dogs! and i really dont want to be a part of that, basically i want to make my self a future. any way like you mentioned about the cities they are not the ideal place to live when you have all of that lovely country to live in but bein stuck completely out in the sticks surely has its down points? so i guess i need to find something in the middle?
any ideas?


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