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PR interview (in reply to: PR interview ,)
hi every one , i received mail from london office , they will call me for interview ,
Any one can quide me about interview.
I have eight year experiance in logistic ,seven year in marketing .
My education , i did mba finance , mba marketing , ma international business, and ma in marketing practice as well.
What type of questions mostly they asked during interview.


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good luck man, you have so many degrees...seems like you spent all your life in getting degrees only....however, if you are moving to toronto you need to get some experience at a gas station and or call centre, and or packaging and handling in factories and or get familiar with the routes in Toronto as you may end up driving a cab. Rest, the interview is going to be a crap, so do not worry. Because canada needs people like you with load of degrees in service industry. And you will get the visa for sure, i guarntee you. However, dont forget to review the application you submitted to embassy because most of the questions would be just the verification of the information you submitted to them and they will probably ask what would be your future plan when you will arrive in Canada.
Do not tell them that if you do not geta job in your field you will not work and you would like go on social assistance or you may apply for govt. grants to get FEW MORE degrees because this would be negitive. Canadian Govt. needs another taxpayer so tell them that if you do not get a job in your field you are willing to work in any kind of job to get Canadian experience.......remember its canadian experience that counts not your degrees from Harvard, MIt or Cambridge or you may be a big shot in Uk, USa or Middleeast but in Canada you are zero because Canada prefers only people with Canadian experience. So do not forget to mention that you will focus on getting Canadian experience and you are hopeful that you will get a good job but if you dont get it it will not bother you because you are moving to a developed country. Right. So who cares, if you work at a gas station or call centre with all the degrees that you have.

I wsih you all the best my friend!

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Look at for interview questions.
hi Mike (in reply to: PR interview ,)
hi Mike thanks for yours valuable advise,i have seven year marketing experience , in UK. I have call centre experience as well. But you are right hard to find job there. I have plan to go vancouver.

Thanks again


amjad Uk

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You can have all the experience you want, and as many degrees as you want, but if you cannot speak and write English properly you are not going to get hired by any Canadian Marketing firm.
hi any one like to give idea (in reply to: PR interview ,)
hi any one like to give some info for interview . Like to share their experience .
amjad uk

good luck (in reply to: PR interview ,)
If you have all those degrees,and 8 yrs of will surely scoop a good job. though it may take a time,and before your turn comes, you may like to work in low-end jobs (compared to your level-s of education)
good luck

hi David (in reply to: PR interview ,)
Thanks David for nice comments.

amjad from uk


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