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Subject: security interview
I´ve been required to attend an interview in Buffalo soon. The interview is going to be a security one according to an immigrant adviser. Can you tell me what questions they might ask? Please be as specific as possible.

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You have paid someone to advise you and assist you with your PR application & they have informed you that CSIS wants to speak with you. Did you ask them for advice? Are they an authorized representative then take them along with you to your security interview.

Well the best advice is to look in the mirror and think what they might ask you, and whom they might want to know about.

It depends on what country your from and some of the people you hang out with. There is no reason to seek out your CAIPS because nothing will in the CAIPS that would give you any detail into the reason for the security interview.

Your the most knowledgeable person to answer this posting. Like I said look into the mirror.

Think before you answer and look for open questions to answer. When in doubt reply with do you mean....


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How long took after security interview for you?
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I received PR 22 months after the security interview.

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Congratulation Zara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Canada!


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