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Will they reject my PR application if I am caught with HIV positive during my medical examination? do they even do an HIV test during the medical examination?
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They test for HIV , so yes it will come up in the medical.
As for if it will cause a problem , most likely.

Although it says in the DMP handbook that HIV is not an automatic refusal , the cost and risk to public health must be taken into account.

Although long term survival rates are good , the treatment is expensive , so you are likely to run foul of the 5000CAD a year rule.

Worth speaking with a consultant who specialises in medical cases

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I think HIV + will pose a problem and it should to be honest with you. Now there are 2 scenarios in this problematic world. If you have a hole in the heart you are medically inadmissable. But if you are HIV+ then you may protest for your rights. Double standards! Although an HIV + poses more danger to public and more expensive the treatment is but still you can make it a human rights issue but with other diseases even a high blood pressure may disqualify you.

Good Luck my friend, i hope and pray that you get HIV -.

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Yes. You will be tested for sexually transmitted diseases, which are:

RPR ( a serum marker for syphilis)
Hepatitis C

I had my medical exam last week and they tested for all the above.

If you are HIV+, there is also a chance that the other two will be positive as well.

HIV positivity is a major risk and can be a solid background for rejection.

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If you don´t know yourself whether HIV+ or HIV-, go for the exam and do it. You need to know your status. If it is positive, you need to receive treatment ASAP to prevent the progression of the virus and prolong your life excpectancy. Do it for yourself..not only for immigration!!

HIV tests are kept strictly confidential (as in in USA)

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..if you r negative, then no worries

if positive, no need to tell any one, except your doctor.

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... If I may add... you also need to tell EVERYONE you have sexual intercourse with as well (of course)...
is one blind medical inadmissible in canada (in reply to: HIV Positive)
to anonymos, can you please tell me if one eye blind a medical inadmissible in canada.thnks
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Lem , No one except CIC can give you a definitive answer.

The general guidelines are , you are inadmissible if you present a risk to public health or are likely to cost a significant amount of money in treatment (+5000 CAD a year)

I would suspect that blindness in one eye doesn´t come into either of these groups and you should be OK

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Appendix D Health follow-up handout: HIV infection

Your immigration medical examination for entry to Canada has shown that you have evidence of being infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). If you are a refugee or a refugee claimant, your HIV results will not negatively affect the processing of your case.

HIV is a virus transmitted from one individual to another through contact with blood or body fluids.

Sexual contact and sharing contaminated needles, especially in intravenous drug use, may lead
to HIV infection. Infected pregnant mothers can transmit the virus to their unborn babies. HIV infection may progress to AIDS and may be complicated by a wide variety of medical disorders requiring close medical attention.
It is important for your health and well-being that you seek medical advice from health practitioners who are experienced in treating and supporting persons with HIV infection. There are now medications to help slow the progression of HIV.

To maintain your own health, as well as to protect your family members, you are advised to telephone a health clinic specializing in HIV following your entry into Canada. The telephone numbers listed below will assist you in locating a clinic.

If you do not speak English or French, you may wish to ask someone to help you make this telephone call.

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HIV will not affect a refugee claimant or a spousal sponsorship applicantion. In every other instance... it most certainly does affect medical approval.