passport error help needed urgently

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Subject: passport error help needed urgently
  Thanks mike

But if they issue me visa and copr copy in a wrong name.Then wht can i do.I dont want that my processing time increse.

My online application status first was as per correct name.But from two days name on the website change as per my passport which is wrong

If i get my visa as per my passport name.Can i do landing and change my passport with indian embassy in canada.

Can i make my sin and health card as per my correct name or it will be as per my copr.

If my PR card will be as per wrong name.Can i change my passport and issue a new pr card.

Your help in this matter is higly appreciated

Hoping to get your reply


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Listen, you need to communicate this to embassy before the issue or refuse the visa. Write a very nice letter explining all the situation and attach the supporting documents and send it to embassy through courier service with tracking no. If you could explain the situation pproperly and on time, they would return your your passport and ask you to submitt it again with corrections. You have a wrong name on the passport, obviously they will follow whatever is on the passport. So you need to cat fast and professional. Your name on sin etc. will be as per your COPR so you need to do these corrections before entering into Canada. A little bit delay in the process would save you a lot of trouble later on.
It is very strange that you submitt your passport with wrong name on it when you knew that the name is wrong. You should have done it before submitting it. So write a letter and state that your name is not mentioned correctly on your passport and you did not realize it when you submitted the passport therefore you want to make necessary corrections. You should also mention that your name is correctly mentioned on all the application forms and documents that you submitted to embassy during the process and attach all the supporting documents such as your educational certificate and other supporting documents where your correct name is mentioned. You should also mention that error is name is a common practice in India as it is done manually and you did not even relaize that your name is not correct in the passport. The time you noticed an error on the passport itwas submitted already so want to get your passport back, correct your name as per the application forms and other records and re-submitt it. People at embassies are nice people, and they know these are common problems and they will understnd your point of view. So do not waste your time and do it ASAP.

Good Luck!

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do not forget to mention the file no. and your personal details as Full name, address, date birth etc. on the letter.
passport error (in reply to: passport error help needed urgently)
thanks mike

Can i tell the visa post to issue me the visa in a correct name as per application.When my visa come then i will go to the passport office and correct my name as per appication

is it possible.

(in reply to: passport error help needed urgently) have to follow the procedure, however, you can always mention your correct name in the letter that you are going to send it to them. that would give them a picture of your real name and intentions of correcting it. You should also explain the process how are you going to correct it and who knows they might issue you a visa with correct name. But i am confident this is not going to happen. Listen, i know you are scared of sending this letter because you think this might pose a serious problem to your over all application but it is not like this. This is not going to affect your application at all. This waz a minor mistake made by you and there are ways to correct it unless you have something that you are not sharing with us.

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As per my above post.My passport has given name in which my father name come first and then my name.My passport is with embassy for visa stamping and i hope i will get my visa as per the passport name

After landing i am worried about my health card,sin card.Can i explian them and show all my documents which has correct name order.Can they issue me cards in proper name.

Plz reply


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Bola toh hai...pad nahi sakta kya lodu?
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