Vague Info- Phone call/E-mail/Letter??

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Subject: Vague Info- Phone call/E-mail/Letter??
  Hi, I wonder if anyone can help offer their opinion.

My husband got a phone call from Immigration asking him to go to the local Canadian Embassy on a particular date. (No time was indicated or instructions to bring anything with him - a message was left on answering machine).

Once we notified our lawyer about this, she said that it likely means his visa is ready for issuance. She e-mailed the office processing his file and they said he should go to the local emabssy at the specific date, they gave a time this time, and asked him to bring his original passport.

Then about 2 weeks later we got a letter from immigration saying again he is requested to go to the local immigration office on the same date indicated previously for an interview, NO TIME INDICATION ON THE LETTER, and the request to bring the original passport.

WHAT COULD ALL THIS MEAN? THREE DIFFERENT WAYS OF SAYING SOMETHING? We are trying to piece together the bits of information/requests and do not know what to expect.

Note that he already underwent an interview about 4 months ago.

Thanks for your help....

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why are you trying to piece things together instead of simply going to embassy on the day they asked you to come. Is there a problem visiting the embassy, just take the letter with you that you have received. If time is not mentioned, dont worry, just go there early morning and at the window, show the letter and they will take care of the rest. Take with you, your passports or whatever they asked you to bring and stop thinking about useless stuff. Its just a visit and do not worry a lot, jsut take it easy and go there.
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I agree with Mike..proceed to the embassy and dont stress yourself.
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