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Subject: Interview (Part 2)

I do agree with what you are saying, frankly the only thing that the Embassy has asked in addition to the information that was given was a little more proof of my intentions of returning to Canada.

I have received another letter from my employers stating that within our Company family does come first, they have been knowledgable of my intentions since Day 1 and support me fully in this decision. I´ll also be submitting receipts of the construction, bedroom set and everything I´ve bought in anticipation of my wife and child´s arrival.

The other problem that I know we will be dealing with is my wife´s Ex, the Embassy has required a signed and notarized document stating that he´s fine with our daughter coming to Canada with us. Our big issue is, he hasn´t made any contact with our daughter in roughly 2-1/5 years, we can´t find him, he has to immediate family, his parents have passed a long time ago and Mongolia is a really big place where it´s exceedingly hard to track or find anybody if they don´t want to be found. For all we know he could have passed away, since he lost his job about a year ago for chronic alcoholism (in a country where showing up to work drunk is a daily occurence for more then a few people). I´m confused as to where we would stand in a situation as this.


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Your wife should file a petition for a full custody of the kid with her intentions of bringing her to Canada. Court will try to contact the father and if father does not show up on few hearings, they will give you the custody. Secondly, you wife may give an ad in newspaper to make it more solid that you have tried your best to contact the dad and you may submitt the copy of this ad to court as well. Hopefully, giving an ad in the newspaper will give you some information about his whereabouts whether he is dead or alive. And court proceedings at athe same time will help solve this issue for ever. It sounds a bit time consuming but you have to deal with it because just sitting and waiting to hear any news from him will waste your time. Consult a local lawyer and file a petition for a full custody of child. Husbnad´s records as being alcholic will help resolving the matter quickly. Good Luck!
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Well she does have full custody of our child. That isn´t an issue.

That is a good idea about the ad in the newspaper. At least to show the Embassy. However there isn´t any paper routes in Mongolia, nor delivery to the nomads in their gers that live all around the country. Had he have been in Ulaanbaatar or a smaller community he probably would have been found by now.

We have a lawyer in Mongolia, and she´s currently writting a letter as to our efforts to trying to find him without any luck. Our lawyer in Canada is doing the we´ll see where this takes us.

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