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Subject: PLEASE HELP!!
  hi, my name is laura and i was born in mexico. in 1990 my family and i moved to the US with visa and then our visa expired and since then we havent been able to get our green cards. because of the situation with 9/11 it made thing worse. im now 23 and i have a 3 year old daughter who was born in the US. im a medical assistant and i will be going back to school to become a pharmacy tech.i would like to apply for a skilled worker visa. my goal is to become a permanent resident. i have no criminal history. and i speak read and write english. i have an uncle who lives in canada but unfortunalty he dosent want to help me to move over there nor he wants to give me any info. on how things work over there. i would like to know if
A) if i have to be in mexico to apply as a skilled worker or if i can apply here in the US to go to canada?
B)if i apply for the skilled worker visa, will that help me get my permanent resident?
C)if i apply can my family be in the application?

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Hi Laura
I am not expert, just like yourself I am also planning to apply for Skilled worker. However, in reply to ur queries:
A) It will be better if you apply from home country(Mexico) if u r currently in US and ur imigration status is not 100% ok.
B) Yes, skilled worker visa is a route to permanent resident in Canada, after u r granted visa u need to live(work) in Canada for i guess 2 years or so before becoming eligible to obtain citizenship.
C)Yes, if you are the principal(or main) applicant you can include your family members(spouse, children) in your application.
Best of Luck!

Umair Malik
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you must be legally in the US as a principle applicant to apply there.

you can include you spouse and children but not your parents.

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