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Subject: Help for new life
  Hi folks

I finally got an interview date for Quebec immigration, after two years, next November ? very much exited- it was a dream for me to live in Canada since I was a little boy.
Am immigrating under Quebec scheme. I will appreciate your views about my questions.

1) What the interview about and for

2) I have not done any medical check - is it normal case

3) What I need to prepare for my interview what is the best to expect (visa for new life) and the worst thing to expect. Any samples.

4) How can I obtain a police certificate from Pakistan ? I did a degree many years back and a police certificate from the UK

5) Am highly skilled with high expertise does it mean something for them in the interview

Am sure I will read your views and am sure I will be asking a lot.

Thank for your assistant and consideration.



Best wishes for u DI (in reply to: Help for new life)
From pakistan , you get form from local council office. Need attestion from nazim , local police station office , and sp office as well ,Need attestion of foriegn office as well.It is called charter certificate,for immigration.
In Uk it is call DP10 ,you can apply through local police websit,it will cost you 10 ten pound . It will takes 40 days to get police clearance certificate.


amjad uk

Entrevista Quebec (in reply to: Help for new life)
Quisiera compartirles mi experiencia hace unos mese decid? migrar a Quebec para quedarme como residente pero la verdad no ten?a la menor idea de c?mo hacerlo as? que un amigo me recomend? llamar a una academia que brindaba el servicio de tr?mite general de la visa, clases de franc?s para poder desenvolverse en el pa?s y con clases de conversaci?n para poder desarrollar el acento de Quebec, adem?s te preparan para la entrevista en la Embajada de Canad?, a mi me intereso mucho as? que no dud? en inscribirme y ya empec? las clases y los profesores son nativos. Para los que est?n interesados el correo es o llamen al 2230756
experience for the Quebec selection interview (in reply to: Help for new life)
Guys, anybody can give feedback on their experience for the Quebec selection interview? I´m about to have mine in a few months, and please give as much detail and advice as possible.

Here is what specifically is I need to know:

0. which office in the world was ur interview, and what did you bring to the interview?

1. what did the office look like? describe how many people were in the office, what was the atmosphere like, and describe how the environment felt.

2. did ur scheduled interview start on time, or how long did u have to wait?

3. describe what ur interviewer was like. (gender, age, race, nationality, personality, etc.)

4. what mood was the interviewer in?

5. what specific questions were asked of you.

6. how long was the interview.

7. how many minutes was the interview in french, and how many minutes in english or other languages.

8. what did the interviewer make u do, aside from answer his/her questions?

9. were you required to show any documents proving your French language proficiency? what did the interviewer ask from you, and what was his/her reaction?

10. what was the decision given to u by ur interviewer, and how did he/she say it?

11. what were you required to give or pay if anything, or give any documents?

12. On a scale from 1 to 100, please rate your French language proficiency. Please specify each for spoken, written, and listening.

Please share as much as you can. Thank you.

(in reply to: Help for new life)
you don´t want much... do you! sounds like a school assignment.
Hello (in reply to: Help for new life)
Is anybody from india..who will have interview for Quebec Immigration in 2010.........what level of french they required.......and why delay from embassy in issuing interview for indians..............

Kindly reply as i m waiting for my Interview for Quebec immigration..........

hello (in reply to: Help for new life)
I have been schedule for an interview for CSQ in ghana! Can anyone tell me what the interview was like and some possible question
CSQ (in reply to: Help for new life)
Am from nigeria,I had my CSQ interview in ghana! I wsa refused! So pls make sure u r proficient in french and u have a recogniseD certificate to prove it.
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