refugee status denied- work permit possible?

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Subject: refugee status denied- work permit possible?
  Hi guys,

My name is Michelle. My boyfriend´s refugee claim was denied recently and he was given the option of leaving voluntarily which he is in the process of doing.

He has worked in Canada for two years. Is he able to apply for a work permit through his job. I think he qualifys as a skilled worker. If so can he apply for it whilst his still here or is he only eligible to do that from outside Canada.

What other options does he have? He´s already tried appealing the decision and got rejected so that avenue is not open. I am not Canadian so I cant sponsor him. Does the fact that his refugee claim got refused interfere with his work permit application? He got refused because he did not have enough evidence to back up his claim so they didnt believe him.

Your help in this matter would be much appreciated.


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It sure appears that you have not been his girlfriend for too long due to your lack of knowledge.

First he never appealed his refugee claim he filed an "application for leave to appeal". Then once the Federal court looks at that they decide if the board member erred in Law enough to allow the appeal to go forward.

All refugee claimants are entitled to a work permit but since your boyfriend lost he must pay the correct processing fee for the WP.

Third----your boyfriend lost his refugee claim because he probably was not a refugee in the first place. Yeah I want to believe that all claimants are refugee´s but that is just not the way it is.

Your boyfriend knows that I´m right in all points.

Be careful in any relationship at this stage. Others have been used, not saying he is not the perfect little angel but..... BUYER BEWARE


Work Permit (in reply to: refugee status denied- work permit possible?)
I am a refugee claimant. I applied for work permit before my hearing session was held, however the hearing result was negative, but I am allowed to appeal. can I get the work permit I applied for? I need to work. It has been more than a month since I applied how long does it take to get the work permit?
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