To hire a lawyer or not????

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Subject: To hire a lawyer or not????

I am planning to immigrate to canada. I score 71 points as assessed on the CIC website. Is the procedure simple or should i go for services of a consultant. What all should I keep in mind while applying

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Hi Mukul,
It?s all up to u. My personal experience with Indian consultants is very bad. They are all bunch of cheats who only care about their money. My case filing got delayed by 6 months due to my consultant and worst of all, my docs were returned as incomplete. When I personally looked into my paper work, I found that it was so simple. I had to redo everything and send some more supporting documents. One more thing when u go with a consultant, they take away ur right to ask any information from CIC about ur case. Then u r at complete mercy of ur consultant. In India their rates vary between Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000. All u have to do is just go to and download a Guide along with 5 additional forms in PDF format. Go step by step as mentioned in the guide and fill up every required information. If not applicable just put N/A and provide as many supporting documents with your application. Put them in right order and don´t forget to checklist them. Once u have ur file # all u have to do is just wait. If any point u r struck, this forum is the best place to ask questions. It?s very important to understand that English proficiency has to be proved and not assumed. So make sure u take IELTS exam and score at least 7 points in all 4 parts of it. All the best.

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what he jsut said is true.. i got this indian lawyer in canada.. do i need to them the agency?.. my papers got stuck there for almost a year - without anything!.. the last thing i know it.. they did not file it... after a year.. they finally file it.. and i only got my papers last feb. 2004.. but they get my papers as early as June 2003...

felt so cheated and so much regret...

but i got my file number number now.. just don´t know when will be called..

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No need. The procedures are clear and simple. Just read a lot from the CIC site to gain full info.

As you need Canada, they need you too, this is the approache.

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read the application forms and the instructions that go with it over and over. you will begin to see what they are looking for and you can better prepare your answers. it is one of the most important documents you ever fill out so take your time, be accurate, check it 10 times, have someone else that you trust check it... and then send it. You will have done more than any laywer will do. remember - you care much more than they do.
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Thanks for the input. I have enrolled for IELTS and will be giving the exam on 27, any help on that will be highly appreciated. Also would like to know that are the points going to increase in Feb.

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