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Subject: Application from USA - no acknowlegement

My question is about the time taken by the Buffalo RPC to acknowledge the receipt of an immigration application.

I am an Indian person working in the US on a H1 visa permit.
I have applied for a PR status in May 2008 to the Buffalo office (according to the mail tracking information, the application was received by the office on 19 May 2008. However to date I have not received any formal acknowledgement from the office.

Does anybody have any idea how long does it take to get an acknowledgement of receipt from the Buffalo office?



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Usually it takes 2 to 3 months for the AOR to be received in the mail. (mine took 2 months). So I think you are still in the normal time range (although alittle bit late). However, many similar postings have been seen recently on the forums indicating that they are holding the processing of new files pending the new rules (this is just an assumption).
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