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Subject: Marriage certificate for spousal sponsorship

I posted here a little while back and got what appears to be a very good answer which I would like to say thanks for all who replied to it.

I have one other question which I cannot seem to find any definite yes or no answer to.

My finance and I will be getting married in a little over a week,due to the time of year it may take up to and including 6 weeks to to get the certificate if they don´t send it to my address in Ireland.

We were hoping to have all the documents sent so that they would arrive in the CPC on or around october 1st (I know it really makes no difference but just makes it easier to count the months).

We are applying for the out of canada process through the London Office.
After all that my question was can everything that we have be sent off and then once we have our case number from the CPC send the marriage certificate after or would it be better just to wait and send everything off at one time.
Also should I do the Medical before all the forms are sent or should I wait till I get the case number then get it done.

Many Thanks,


Declan Scully
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Dear Scully

Well lucky for you that you ask questions here.

The list of required documents clearly states a marriage certificate but common sense prevails on this point. Submit the license and the certificate when you get same.

I have had too many potential clients get removed because they wait for the certificate and get called to the PRRA just before they submit their spousal with the certificate.

Common sense you will have a reception with tons of relationship photos and letters from friends and family who attend the ceremonies, correct!

The two things you must submit is proof of medical exam they will give to you a green form and proof of no convictions.



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Hey thanks once again Roy,

but just so I am clear:
1) we should send in forms and then send the certificate when we get a file number
2)Get the medical done before we send the forms

I all ready have the police certificate so thats all good

Declan Scully
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