Allowed in back in Canada?

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Subject: Allowed in back in Canada?
  Hi. I have a question regarding the out of canada application to sponsor my spouse.

My spouse and I got married in Canada in November of 2007. He is from the U.S. He has been staying here all year as we were preparing our in-canada application. But now we find it to be better if he goes back to the U.S and we do the out of Canada application so that he can work until the application is processed and we have heard it will be faster. He has been here for a year. What will the border officials say about that and is this allowed? Will he still be able to do the out of Canada application and be allowed back in Canada still? Thanks!

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As long as you are in Canada and earning good money, he can apply from any where in the world. Yes, he can come to Canada to see you.


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what a stupid answer, anonymous. hopefully your advice is better on your websites.

now to newtohere:
entry into Canada during a CIC application is left to the discretion of the border officer. He will ask himself - is the person intending to wait out the entire process in Canada and therefore will Canada be expected to round him up and deport him if things go sideways OR does this person have significant ties to his/her home country that will prompt them to leave Canada at the conclusion of their VISIT.

remember, until that visa is stamped into that passport your sweetheart is visiting. More often than not, US citizens do not get a lot of hassle when crossing the border so for all intents and purposes... free movement should not be a problem. Just don´t arrive at the border with your entire life´s posessions and the cat.

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Sharon is this person doing a service or a disservice?

NOT PROFESSIONAL ADVICE! but...................

If they´re pretending to be knowledgeable while sucking in Authorized Representatives to advertise on his/her sight some unsuspecting individuals will take 56.225.5 advice as gospel.

The ones that advertise on his/her site should know better.

Good reply


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Thank you sharon and roy for the advice! You helped a great deal! :)
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