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  you have an income that is at least equal to the minimum necessary income, the amount of
which is published yearly by the Canadian government.
You will have to provide us with documents that show your financial resources for the past
12 months and prove you are financially able to sponsor members of the family class. You
may solicit the help of a co-signer (must be your spouse or common-law partner). If you
reside in Quebec, see also Sponsors living in Quebec.
This condition does not apply if you are sponsoring only
? your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner who has no dependent children, or
? your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner whose dependent children have no
children of their own, or
? your dependent child who has no children of his or her own.

This is a direct quote from cic...but everything else I see says yes you have to have an option c printout for spousal sponsorship.

Everything about CIC appears to be double talk and nonsense

Declan Scully
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If a Canadian citizen gets married who is living outside Canada for a long time. He won´t have Option C as he is not working in Canada. Can he sponsor his wife if he is thinking settling back to Canada?
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Honestly I have no Idea...I´m irish and getting married to a canadian very soon and trying to figure out all these forms and that..
and the conclusion I´ve come to at this point is that it´s complete and total nonsense.

One sentence says one thing and the next sentence says the complete opposite. If you go from what i´ve read on other forums you can just put a letter explaining the situation.

I´m just trying to figure out if my then wife who has lived in canada and who is staying in canada has to put one in

Declan Scully
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Check this guide.


The page 15 quotes: "the Sponsorship Evaluation (IMM 5481);
If the person you are sponsoring is:

a) your spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner and he or she has dependent children who have children of their own; or

b) your dependent child and he or she has dependent children, you will have to complete the Financial Evaluation form instead."

Good luck!

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Scully You keep saying your Irish R U implying something LOL

Go to www.cic.gc.ca and search for operational manuals then click on Overseas Processing then click on Family Class (I think) OP2 then read via the index. You will find income is not an issue when sponsoring a spouse or dependent child.

Have no Irish Whiskey but got a case of wine from a client tonight.


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oh yeah I know exactly what it says...but then ya see something else that says the opposite....this just a pain in the neck.

maybe a case of whiskey would solve it...HAHAHAHA

Declan scully
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