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Subject: Landed successfully
Hi all,
I landed successfully from buffallo by bus


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Can you please give more bus service used...
where you boarded the bus...did you change was the drive etc...


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Welcome to Canada.

Good Luck,


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I took bus from buffalleo, it took 15 to 20 minutes to canada immigration. The bus stoped there, we need to go inside for landing process, for me it took 10 min for immigration and 5 min for customs. But one bad thing is Bus left without me. I waited for next bus. You need to inform the bus driver, like for you it willl takes 30 min.And one more thing i was landed at 2.0Am, If you plan in day time it will take more time, so you need to inform the driver.

If you have any more question, ask me


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Thank you abc...
couple of things...

we´ll be landing in Buffalo International there a bus stop at the airport or do we need to go a station to board a bus to Toronto.
And which bus service did you take...?like GreyHound, Rainbow etc...
What time do you suggest to land...early morning hours or late evenings...

thank you so much...

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I am not sure about bus service from airport. But I took Greyhound bus from bus station. Any time is ok. if you go in late evening, you can finish immigration process fastly.

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Enjoy while you can.
Soon, the agony of reality will come.
Things are not as you may expect.
After the excitement comes disappointment.
Canada like it´s weather will test your will
to the very extreme. If you survive, you can move on to "Integration" then and only then, you will think,
talk, and behave like a Canuck.
Till then, GOOD LUCK!


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