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Subject: marrying refugee in Canada
hi, i would like to marry my boyfriend who is currently a refugee living in Canada. i have citizenship of another country. my questions are :

1. can i marry him while his is still a refugee? if yes, will this affect his application for PR in Canada?

kindly advise. thanks.

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question #1 - are you a landed immigrant
#2 - is the relationship genuine or for immigration. you will have to prove it is genuine to qualify
#3 - will they ask if the marriage was to obtain Canadian status- yes they will

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Does he even know whether or not his refugee claim has been accepted?
im a canadian citizen (in reply to: marrying refugee in Canada)
hi im a canadian citizen and ive see a girl whom i wanna marry but shes a refugee in the country,is it posible for me to marry her in canada with out any problem
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you will have to do a very good job of proving your relationship is real. CIC will assume the marriage is to secure status in Canada.
marry a girl from USA whilst a refuge in Cananda (in reply to: marrying refugee in Canada)
can I marry USA citizen whilst a refugee in Canada
bosco any
(in reply to: marrying refugee in Canada)
my fiancée has filed for refugee in Canada a year ago and I go to university in US. I have temporary visitor visa of Canada. We are planning to get married soon but I am worried if I can do back an forth after our marriage and what will be my status in Canada then.

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you have no status in Canada.
I am a refugee claiman (in reply to: marrying refugee in Canada)
Hi, I really need some insight, I am a refugee claimant, I have been in canada for 3 years before claiming refugee, I was under major depression and rarely speak to anybody, I was seeing this one guy though who i found some comfort in, after filing for my claim he decided to marry me, we have been together for 2 years now but haven´t lived together, now that my claim is in am a little worried about getting married because am not sure what the outcome might be, I have placed my claim like 3months ago, do you think I should drop my claim and get married or what? would it be difficult for me, seeing that we dont live together or share anything together, the only thing we have together are picture, what should I do ?
I'm refugee, can I get married ?! (in reply to: marrying refugee in Canada)
I just claim as a refugee status few months ago. After been 2 years living in Canada, I just apply he Status of refugee. My bf plan to get married with me and he is a Canadian. Can I get married ?
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what makes you think you will be successful with your refugee application? If not... then what?

if the relationship is real, marry him and have him sponsor you?


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