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Subject: Rasolzadeh Class action lawsuit
Maybe sharon can help in this.
I applied in Oct. 2001
IA Jan 2002
Additional Doc of Residence History Sept 2003
Medical Nov. 2004
Interview Jan 2005
I just don´t understand, how does Rosalzadeh class action would be helpful... any hint.
Received legal notice from citizenship and immigration Canada (Rasolzadeh Class action lawsuit)


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the way I understand it, even though you have been notified (I think they had to do a blanket notification) your file has continued to be processed. You obviously qualify under the new rules otherwise the file would be at a standstill. All you need to do is carry on... and finish the process. you are almost at the end.
Rasolzadeh Class action lawsuit (in reply to: Rasolzadeh Class action lawsuit)
thank for you advice
Even though I put every thing clearly, with supporting document, again they asked for residence history.
I don´t have time for caips notes bcoz its too late, but based on you experience where they want to focus exactly.
I am on H1B and a software Engineer
with Almost 10 years of Experience in same field including 3years in USA. 2 years In middle East. 5 years from India any word!

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we are not that far in the process so I cannot tell you. hopefully someone else can help.
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on paper, and in your mind, be clear about all the places you have lived, for how long etc. any supporting documents you can provide - bills, leases, bank statements - anything that would show addresses etc during the times you state. I think they are just looking to confirm your information.
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bonjour , je suis un membre de la calss rasolzadech
j ai depose ma demande immigration canada decembre 2000
j ai fait entevue le 03- 2005 la visite medicale le 15 mai 2006 ,
aujour d hui le 27 mars 2007 et pas encore selectionne
comment fair avec qui je dois m orienter trop d´attente
ou sont les lois de la cour federal es existe encore ???
merci de me repondre

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