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Subject: Quebec Immigration Points & Rejection

This forum is very useful. Thank you for all the people who are helping. Thou, this is my first post, I have found previous answers very helpful.

I recently received a rejection letter from Damascus office for the Quebec Provincial Nomination Program. They said that I do not have enough points, and they send me the points I currently have. Following is what they sent me:

Formation: 12
Total EMP: 28
Expérience: 10
Âge: 4
Conn. Linguistique: 12
Cap. Auto finance. 1

They said that it totals up to 39 point. But when I add the above points I get 67.

I am assuming that they forgot to add 28 points for “Total EMP” or am I missing something? If they have forgotten to add, and I do have 67 points, is that enough to take the case forward?

Thank you for your help.


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tell us... your age, your education, your language scores, your years of employment in your area of training, do you have family in canada,

it is very hard to turn 39 into 67.

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Hello Sharon,

Thank you for a quick reply. Following are the questions you asked. Please note that this application was not for the Federal program (which need 67 points), but for the Quebec Provincial Nomination Program (I don?t know how many points they need).

Age: 38

Education: 4-Year Bachelor of Arts from California State University (USA)
1-Year Computer Certificate (post secondary)
2-Year Computer Science Diploma (post secondary)

English: Full Fluency
French: Beginner to Intermediate (Still learning)

Employment: Over 7 years of experience in Silicon Valley (IT)

Area of Training: Computers and IT. Post secondary diploma as stated above. BA was in communication Studies (not IT)

No family or friends in Quebec or Canada.

Thank you again for your help.


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why did you apply for Quebec? you are not fluent in french!
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I am confused by your points as well. However, I might be wrong but I think Quebec required fluency in French for their nomination program. That would kill your application right there.
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Hello Sharon,

Well, I went to the official Quebec web site ( and completed their online self-evaluation test. It came back positive, despite the fact that I am not fluent in French. Since, the process is faster to go via Provincial Nomination, rather than the Federal one, I thought it would be faster.

In the letter, they took into account that I am not fluent in French. All they are saying that I do not have enough points.

Here is my problem. The total points they say I have is 39, but when I add up the points (that they have listed individually), it comes to 67. So I am wondering if they have made a calculation error.

If you don?t mind, I would be happy to scan a copy of their point sheet and email it to you. The letter is in both English and French, BUT the point sheet is only in French, so I just want to make sure I am not missing something. If you would not mind doing that, I can email you the scan copy. If so, email me your email address at (please replace the at with @, I did that to avoid spam).

Also, are there any lawyers you know of that might deal only in Quebec PNP?

Thank you for your help.


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I do not think I will be much help to you. You may want to contact an immigration consultant to see what you are missing. 39 points does not make sense.
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I also applied for the Quebec Provincial Nomination Program, and I´m not fluent in French. I was accepted pretty fast (2 months after I sent the application).

It seems the differences between me and you are:
* I have a higher level in education
* I was an exchange student in Quebec, and I also did an internship there
* I´m younger

I guess having friends or relatives in Quebec are important. And since you don´t have a network there, maybe that´s one of the reasons why they rejected you.

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Hi Sharon and Sin,

One more question. Can I apply for the Federal program in London (even thou, I am not a British national, but I am here for 1 year on a student visa)? My understanding is that I would have to apply at the office that is responsible for my country. But since I am living in UK now, will that be considered my country?

Also, if I apply for the Federal program, will my Quebec rejection have an adverse effect?

Sharon, I am looking at lawyers and consultants, and see if they can help me.

If any of you know a good lawyer specializing in Quebec, please let me know.

Sin, you are right, you would have more points than me, absolutely a lot more points for the age factor, and also friends and family, and having lived in Quebec.

Suppose, I should get some friends there...:) Actually, what I was thinking of doing, is getting people in Quebec to try out some of my software applications. I have one for the real estate market and one for the hotels. I wonder, if I get some Quebec customers, if that would help, as that would mean I can prove that I have ties with Quebec and can continue with my consulting practice (even thou, these will be customers and not friends and family).

Thanks for the advice and suggestions.


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This is a wonderful and informative Forum!!!!!
Hello I am a physiotherapist from India having experience of alomost 3 years applied for quebec immiggration 17 months ago.
I recieved AOR on 5th NOV 2003 with process period of 14 months. then I have done 3 levels of french at Alliance Francaise. my spouse is pharmacist and posses 1 year of experience.
I am Registered physiotherapist of UK

Can somebody help regarding when the interview is likely to be granted??

D Patel
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Quebec select their own applicants and they are less systematic than fedral and usually they can approve and refuse whomever they like with no much explaination anyway if your still interested I can help in interpretting your lettre and calculating the points, it could be a mistake and you don´t have to speak french to be accepted , but one more thing you need to know that if you go through quebec procedure then you need to sign a paper stating that you intend to reside in Quebec so you can´t use the system to go to other provinces, finally if your admitted in the UK for more than one year then you can apply through CIC london but be aware that if you are called for interview in the future , you need to be sure you can come to attend the interview on London , otherwise you may be refused, usually inteview in London is sheduled 18-20 months after applying
hope this helps