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Subject: migrating & shipping concerns
My husband and I are preparing this early though we haven´t received our PR visa yet. I just wanted to ask how the shipping of our personal things would go about? Please give me some suggestions on this. Thank you.
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Do you think we know where you are located? If you are in a jungle in Africa or Asia, you need ppl to carry stuff. If you live in the US or Europe, go to any shipping company and ask them how to pack stuff. But then you don´t have PR!!!!! Where ya gonna send? To the PostMaster in Canada? Ppl get a grip. Your question is ridiculous.... Mind you, once you arrive in Canada, your working life only begins!!! Be more consistent in thinking.
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if you are flying, you can bring 2 suitcases each. if your belongings are valuable, you could consider having the remainer of your belongings shipped by container. This is not cheap but definitely an option. If you are coming across land, you can do the same only bring your goods in by truck.
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be cool man !!!!!!

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