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Subject: Out of status...Please help !
  I graduate from Canadian university and have been working in post graduation permit for 2 years. For some reason, now I am out of status. However, I have already applied PR like little more then a year ago. Since, i am out of status, I can´t go buffalo for interview, if called. What would you suggest if i go back to my native country(India) for interview? Do you think my out of status case in Canada, will effect the decision? Thanks very much for your suggestion
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Being out of status is not a good thing in your records and can always be a negative factor against you. It may not affect your application as you were in a legal status when you filed your application. However, if you have to leave canada and come back either for an interview or anything else, it may affect your re-entry. You may not get an interview but you have to go to a crossing border unit to register as a landing immigrant. At this point, your overstay may affect you. You may need to consult an immigration lawyer instead of getting "presumptions" here.
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Moreover, you will not be able to get an entry visa to the US to do the intervire at Buffalo as you will be asked about your status in canada when you apply for a US visa and you probably will be rejected. Even if you enter the States, your re-entry to Canada will be hard because of violating the immigration law.

Overstay or illegal status is the worst thing any one should do. Always ask for extension.

My advices to you:

- Consult immigration lawyers.
- Prepare the required documents to show why you have overstayed your status. If you don´t have a convincing compelling reasons, the overstay may not be tolerated!!!

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I´m not sure if you are aware but you can extend you post grad WP by another year.
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