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Subject: sharon - please advise...
  dear sharon,

need your opinion on this...

you know.. as i´ve said last night.. i hired a useless lawyer in June 2003... they only file it in Feb 2004.. and I finally got the number in May 2004... to my horror.. I found out that they did not submit my IELTS exams results that I took in June 2003..

Last September 2004.. i have a new born baby... so I submitted again the required papers of my new born to the embassy in London (where they file my case).. together with my IELTS results.. I´m just worried about the IELTS results.. is it still valid?.. or do i have to take it again.. (results is 6.5)..

As I´ve said... I´m working here in the Gulf and did not mind the waiting game.. taking time... working hard.. saving as much as i can... no problemo..

YOur advise is greatly appreciated..


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CIC will ask if they need anything. don´t worry until you need to!
chiko have u done yr medical (in reply to: sharon - please advise...)
Hi Chiko,

my file is also being processed in London. Have u done yr medical if so where and where did u post yr medical report.

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i havent done my medical report yet... i only got the file number from the embaassy last may 2004.. and according to sharon.. thru the website advise.. that we have to wait for atleast 18 months.. i still have 11 months to go.... hahah.. before they would give an advise.. whether - there will be an interview... or no interview... - then i think.. that will be another case of waiting.. whether.. i will take the medical .. i think.. the medical is the last step... if you flunk this.. it´s all over...

about to where you shold take the medical.. i think in each country.. they do allocate a certain medical clinic for the embassy.. check this out with them.. adnd they will advise the certified clinic..

good luck!

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