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Subject: Information on immigration for refugee Sates
  Respected Sir/Madam & Viewer,

It to my surprise that I have come to know about this very site by total accident, So after I have gone studying almost ever information that the site content found it very helpful & useful site. I by the way am from India, a Tibetan origin (asylum in Indian) I would like to know more about the Canadian immigration for refugee, is it possible for me (Tibetan Refugee) to be able to seek asylum to Canada, If yes do please let me know about the useful information, or legal official paper work or legal advice or Canadian government quota for refugee and internet site too. I do believe that Canada do provide shelter to the refugee worldwide in there country & is rate as world number 1st or 2nd country as peaceful nation.

I would like to enclose my mail with lots of thanks & Love from my bottom of my heart to the creator & the people behind this the web site for there hard work, helpfulness & kindness, very special thank to the Canadian government.

Thank You, Happy New Year & God bless you all.



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Where are you from to seek asylum? Is there a threatening non-ending war? Are you really at risk?

Be aware that you will be questioned, and subject to UNHCR convention, and if you found not a true refugee, then it may lead to paremenant visa refusal, and deportation.

I can advise you seek asylum in the first country you get your feet on, the closes to yours.

Hope this help.

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