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Subject: immigration to canada
  hello,i came to Canada as a visitor and i want to become a permanent visa status is still valid and i want to know how i can become a permanent resident considering;-I´m 30 years old.-i speak English fluent as read and write.-i have a high school education from Egypt and I´m a college student at the moment.-I´m currently not employed by anyone in Canada.i don´t have any family members in you think i can apply for a permanent resident taking advantage of the several options available by the Canadian law.i need your help.thanks for taking the time to read my post and for your response

ahmed abbas
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hi dear

did you check the main governmental website of the canadian immigration ? this website is easy , clear and direct , just look for your status and follow the steps

if you still need help let me know
rapena ma3ak ya sa7py

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Get out of canada b4 your visa gets expired and then apply from your country according to your acceptibility to Immigration canada, coz getting Illegal in canada will put you into a lot of trouble and deprive you from all sorts of conveniences that a legal citizen would get. Moreover you could destroy your future return chances if you overstay.
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