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Subject: Is it true ?

Wedding has to be happened out side of canada if some one need to do the inland sponsor his spouse. Is it true ?

- Henry

Who told you that??? (in reply to: Is it true ?)
The person who told you that obviously doesn´t know very well. You can marry in Canada if you want. You just have to find the canadian love of your life.
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You can marry wherever you want. In order to be eligible for inland sponsorship you just have to be married (or in a common-law relationship) and be legally admitted to Canada (and maintain your legal status until they finish processing your PR application).

The only thing you have to remember about getting married in Canada, is in some provinces (specifically Ontario) it will take you roughly 7-9 months for you to get your marriage certificate which you´ll need to include with your PR application. In Ontario it takes roughly 31-34 weeks for them to register your marriage. Once the marriage is registered you have to apply for your marriage certificate and unless you can prove to them that you need it expedited (i.e - a letter from immigration stating that they need a copy of the marriage certificate as soon as possible), which will get you the certificate in 2 weeks, it currently takes 6-8 weeks for you to receive your marriage certificate.


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