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Subject: Visa after interview and Medical
  Hi All,

It seems that i have been perpetually waiting for something to move at CIC.

I had my medical on April, 2004 and my interview was conducted the same month in LA.

I heard from the consultate for right of landing fees which I did. Later they asked for my original score sheet for IELTS. All information was submitted to them about 5 months back i.e. somewhere in September.

I havent heard from CIC ever since. What do you think about the same. It is becoming quite a painful wait.


Timeframe (in reply to: Visa after interview and Medical)
could you please let me know your timeframe ?

Reply to Porobashi (in reply to: Visa after interview and Medical)
Hi, the time lines have been something like this.

June 2002 - Submission of application

Nov 2002 - Processing of Application Begins

April 2004 - Visa Interview in LA / Submission of Immigration papers was done at Bufflo

April 2004 - Medical

At interview I was asked to submit the right of landing fees. I did sumbit the fees and other papers that they asked for in between by October 2004.

Havent heard from CIC since october, 2004.

Now the question is that the Medical would expire soon and in case I do receive my papers I might find it too difficult to travel to US for Visa Stamping and enter canada at such short notice.

What is happening?


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