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Subject: Wishing to move to canada
  My boyfriend is living in Ontario Canada and I wish to move there. I´m here in seattle(a US Citizen). What is the best way to go?
If I end up going to school for a couple years, is a study visa valid for 2 years? Would I have to go there leaving all my stuff behind?
Also, If we decide to get married I´m thinking I still have to come back to the states, wait for a merriage visa to go through. I´m so confuised on how anything works..
What should I do? Thanks so much for your help.

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You could get a study visa and it would be valid for the period of your studies and even you could work with your study visa and further if you decided to get married yor spouse could sponsor you and you need not go back to USA.

look at www.cic.gc.ca

www.immigratedoctorcanada.com also look at some of the immigration lawyer´s web sites

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Hi, thanks for your reply pergy. Also If I get a work visa, is there certin rules to where i can work and how many hours?
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