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Subject: marriage problem
i m immigrant to canada from india and in here from last 2 years i m in love with a guy in dubai , my parents are against our wedding so i want to marry him , how can i do this as i do´t want to go to india and in dubai they need no objection certificate from both sides means from my parents and from his parents too. my parents never ever get ready for it , i m introuble how can i marry him, how can i call him over is there any way out ,pls help me

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Why do they require parental consent? Are you a minor or below 18 year old? Do the marriage in Canada where no parental consent is needed. However, try to avoid being in conflict with your parents. This guy may leave you at any time once he feels bored from you or once he takes what he wants from you (may be he wants to exploit you to migrate to Canada and then throw you away). Eventually, you will find yourself having your family only in this world ..Don´t lose them for the sake of "love"..which can be fake or, temporary..
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there is nothing that can be done from an immigration perspective.
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So find a neighboring country that will allow you to marry.

Then think of your chances of living happily together for the rest of your lives in Canada.

R U thinking??????

In your Spousal Sponsorship application questionnaires it asks if parents attended (your first wedding). NO!!!!!

Why did your and his parents not attend.........REFUSAL!

Slow down and think---old people have made thousands of mistakes they do not want their kids to do. Old people know that if you want to play house privately that they can not stop that.

By the way I´m eighteen till I die!


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if you are a PR to Canada, you will need to reside in Canada to sponsor him. Make sure you are keeping up your residency requirments.
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Anonymous 155.160.37

What is the purpose of applying for something if you will never obtain what you applied for?

The onus is on the applicant to prove that the relationship is genuine and well thought out. It may be from her side but......... if the parents do not attend from either side their childs first wedding why would a Visa Officer not think the PR or Citz. may of been paid.


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I misunderstood our friend to say she was also in Dubai.

ooops. sorry.

Sharon (formerly anonymous for a day)

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