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Subject: skilled workers to be put into 38 occupations
  The federal Conservatives want to limit acceptance of skilled workers into Canada to 38 occupations, a move that will not serve regional labour needs, says Ontario immigration minister Michael Chan.

The proposed changes, Chan said, were described by Immigration Minister Diane Finley to her provincial counterparts in Ottawa this month. Provinces now worry they will have to expand their own immigration programs and compete to fill labour shortages, Chan said.

Foreigners whose occupations are not on the list, he said, would have to apply to provincial "nominee" programs ? a move that, in effect, downloads a large part of the immigration burden on to provinces.

"The (federal) plan would require economic-class immigrants to clear two hurdles," Chan told the media in Toronto yesterday.

"Applicants would have to qualify in one of a narrow list of occupations ? I was told 38," said Chan. "The second (hurdle) is the points system" in place for many years.

The new limits on occupations would give Ottawa leeway to reject most applicants, Chan said.

Finley said yesterday the specific list of desired occupations won´t be made public until later this fall.

The nominee program "is set up specially to give provinces flexibility to meet regional labour needs and priorities," she said.

Yesterday´s revelation of the latest federal immigration wrinkle shocked advocacy groups and service agencies in Greater Toronto, catch basin for thousands of Canada´s newcomers and a key battleground in the current federal election campaign.

The policy changes "make you wonder what´s behind the agenda ... political ploy or not, we are playing with real people´s lives," said Debbie Douglas of Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants.

Ontario launched its nominee program last year with a target to bring in 500 immigrants.

Last year, 131,200 newcomers gained entry under Immigration Canada´s economic class category.

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The Premier of Newfoundland says it best when it comes to this election (Vote ABC)!

Vote ABC stands for Vote Anything But Conservative!

Now think about bill C 50 and if you have already submitted and want to fight because your occupation may not be on their PRIVATE list when ever that list comes out. I suggest that now you ask them in written form to (also) consider your application under IRPA 25.

25. (1) The Minister shall, upon request of a foreign national in Canada who is inadmissible or who does not meet the requirements of this Act, and may, on the Minister?s own initiative or on request of a foreign national outside Canada, examine the circumstances concerning the foreign national and may grant the foreign national permanent resident status or an exemption from any applicable criteria or obligation of this Act if the Minister is of the opinion that it is justified by humanitarian and compassionate considerations relating to them, taking into account the best interests of a child directly affected, or by public policy considerations.

Go for the gold!

Can you imagine what the Federal Court of Canada would do with C 50 when thousands of applicants who had asked to be assessed under A 25 that never got assessed after requesting to be assessed?

Okay let the idea sink in for a few seconds.

This is the Law today and it is today when one can request to also be assessed under A 25!

Google Transitional Provisions think about it.

IRPA section 190 was introduced the last time the politicians decided to change the Act. That said " *190. Every application, proceeding or matter under the former Act that is pending or in progress immediately before the coming into force of this section shall be governed by this Act on that coming into force".

That changed the point system, what entrepreneurial applicants had to do to comply, and the amounts of net worth for a Investor increased.

The Federal courts said clearly then that you have to consider any application in porocess under the old act or new act which ever is more favourable to the applicant.

Its a good Idea!


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ironically, I don´t see the expanded PNP program negatively. it will get the right skills into the right provinces. Because the country is so diverse, there is no point in claiming a skill shortage for Alberta and then assuming Toronto will have the same level of job vacancies.

I am waiting to see the actual government documents rather than the speculation.

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You again anonymous 155.160.37

You call what the Minister of Immigration for the Province of Ontario was told by the Minister of CIC as SPECULATION!!!!

What expanded Provincial Nominee Program are you referring to????

First the PNP applicant has to attend in that province to convince them that he/she desires to reside in that province. Not all people who wish to apply will be given a CVV to attend the interview. Hard sell when the applicant has relatives living in another province to convince province B that they really want to live eleswhere.

Second the processing times is eight months minimum including the scheduled Provincial interview to obtain the PNP certificate. How many employers can afford to keep the position open for eight months.

Third how many provinces PNP do not even have a skilled worker section to their PNP program?


If I was waiting for four years as a FSW in Manila, Moscow, Beijing, Damascus, Tel Aviv, Islamabad, New Delhi, Warsaw, or Accra Ghana your irony in supporting the changes could get a rocket launcher pointed at you.

Okay lets bring it down to your situation. You and your friend have been standing in line to get into an event for an hour and a half. Each time someone comes out another goes in. When you get to the front of the line I show up with twenty friends and all of my friends get in and the door man say nobody else including you get in tonight.

I do not see anything wrong with butting in line in front of you because you see nothing wrong with the Federal Government taking processing fees then never processing the applications.

I know I´m wrong anonymous 155.160.37 but the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Bar Association and almost every single Law Society in the whole country along with many Immigration advocacy groups condemn the changes.

ahhhhhh the logic of anonymous 155.160.37


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I cleared my cookies and did not notice that it dropped my name out of the post.

so Roy, illogical anonymous is actually Sharon.

Quebec has been picking its own candidates without a lot of hassle. Perhaps we move to BC selection or Saskatechewan selection. there has to be a mechanism to get the skills into the right jobs in the appropriate provinces.

what are the alternatives. How would YOU handle it? You know the system better than anyone around here. How do we solve the back log and the plane loads of folks arriving that don´t have the right skills for the current job market.

38 occupation (in reply to: skilled workers to be put into 38 occupations)
when these occupation list will be released any idea
Rahul D Sharma
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we can expect to wait another month. in the mean time, get yourself a legitimate job offer.
38 occupation list (in reply to: skilled workers to be put into 38 occupations)
is clinical psychology under 38 occupation list along with Assistant Sales manager
anirban chakraborty
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