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  I need to be with my wife. My wife and I are going crazy. I can´t believe that for my wife and I to be together we have to submit applications and do all this crap. And spend maybe years to wait to get approved. I´m from the US and shes from Canada. I want to come live with her. I don´t think it should be such a problem to be with someone I love so much. I have no criminal background. I´ve never broken a law in my life and I should be able to be with my wife and live with her forever and have a beautiful life. I just needed to get that off my chest. If ANYONE has any type of information they can give me on how to be with my wife quicker please let me know.
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Yep, you can have your wife move to the US.


Ray Masa
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We would still have the same problems
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Run away to a deserted island where they have no immigration requirements.
Smart A$$
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Don´t be so silly you can have your cake and eat it too.

If you (visit) your wife and submit your spousal application through Mississauga CPC while stating on your schedule 1 that you reside in the States all will be fine when processed in Buffalo. You w ould be only (visiting) her!

You would only be visiting in Canada, got it?

If you leave for a second before the six months expires you do not have to prove no convictions in Canada.

Prove your marriage though real well!


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